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Free Domestic Shipping for orders over $100


The Lux (Latin for Light) is the cousin to our X-FER line. The Lux is a dedicated minimalist appendix IWB holster but still offers full coverage of the Weapon light and lower portion of the Slide. It utilizes the same patented design of the X-FER for locking onto the weapon light. The Lux offers a smooth draw along with the ability to re-holster. The Lux has an integrated wedge and belt ledge. The wedge aids with comfort and concealment. The belt ledge helps rotate the butt of the gun into your body for better concealment. 

Currently known to fit the following:
Glock G19, G17, G17L, G34 Frames (including the different calibers)
S&W M&P Fullsize, Walther PPQ Gen 1 and M2, CZ P-10 

Weapons Customers are reporting success with-

Glock G30s

Currently know NOT to fit the following:

Glock G21, G20, G30, G30sf, Sig 320 Full & Compact, H&K USP or VP9

Customer Reviews

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I carry a glock 19 with an MOS slide viper red Dot and tlr-1 light, I'm a HV AC technician in North Florida and I can carry this farm daily working on air conditioner sliding underneath houses no one is the wiser whether I'm carrying just rig or my glock 43, there is not a better concealed weapons holster for a light after mine's over a year-and-a-half old and is in great shape I certainly recommend highly

Walther Q5 Match + 850 NightStick

This is the ONLY place I could find that could put together a holster for my Q5 Match and it's attached 850 xl Nightstick light. It is in the waist band, and the Q5 is already a big gun, but adding the light just made it bigger. To conceal this beast, I have to have my blazer on. But since this is a Church gun (I am the designated... ), a blazer is common place. I use this cross-draw as the grip and mag tend to be just too much to conceal out my back. This holster holds my weapon securely and I have absolutely no worries about my gun falling out no matter how I move. This was an excellent choice and I have already passed it along to the rest of our security team. Thank you for an excellent product, one that I know is there when I need it. I just pray I never do.

Dr. Daniel R. Thomas. Ph.D., D.D.


Awesome products and fitment for all the Glocks/trl-1 lights just what I’ve been waiting for great set up and invention for a pistol EDC and guest what?this is my first holster I ever bought and was very happy with it thank you!!!!!!

Best holster ever owned / best customer service from a holster company

This holster is absolutely by far the best Concealed carry light bearing holster on the market. I’m a big guy measuring, 5’10” and 275lbs. I carry a full size G17 with RMR and surefire x300u-b. This thing disappears in the appendix carry position and I’m almost 300lbs. Anyone that has a belly know how hard that could be. The molded Claw / Wedge are what make this holster work. It’s unlike anything on the market that I have seen. Even more so the customer service was outstanding. I originally ordered my holster with the single soft loop. Then emailed and asked if I could receive 2 soft loops instead of 1. That wasn’t a problem for the owner Booth. About a week later, (with my indecisiveness) i then emailed and asked if they could make my holster with the 1.5” wide clip instead of the soft loops I originally ordered . I never received a reply stating we would do that for you. So I figured I would receive my holster with 2 soft loops how I originally ordered it. Well, needless to say, I RECEIVED BOTH. The 1.5” wide clip and 2 soft loops. I wasn’t expecting that. It allowed me to make a decision on how I want to run this holster. Moral of the story is that Booth did receive my email. Even though I didn’t receive a reply saying that he would change my order to the wide clip. He made it a point to send me both styles of clips at no extra charge. This is an A++++++ company, will gladly tell everyone I know, and definitely purchase from again. Thanks Armordillo Concealment For a top notch product that conceals a full size firearm in the appendix carry position for an almost 300lb guy and just disappears

Great holster

I bought the lux holster after talking with a friend about his. I was skeptical about being abble to conceal a g19 with a tlr1 easily. With this holsster is disappears under a regular t-shirt. I highly recommend this holster especially if you have more the one pistol able to accept the appropriate light.