LUX Streamlight Surefire Weapon Light Concealment Holster Glock
LUX Streamlight Surefire Weapon Light Concealment Holster Glock
LUX Streamlight Surefire Weapon Light Concealment Holster Glock
LUX Streamlight Surefire Weapon Light Concealment Holster Glock


$ 69.99

The Lux (Latin for Light) is the cousin to our X-FER line. The Lux is a dedicated minimalist appendix IWB holster but still offers full coverage of the Weapon light and lower portion of the Slide. It utilizes the same patented design of the X-FER for locking onto the weapon light. The Lux offers a smooth draw along with the ability to re-holster. The Lux has an integrated wedge and belt ledge. The wedge aids with comfort and concealment. The belt ledge helps rotate the butt of the gun into your body for better concealment. 

Currently known to fit the following-
Glock G19, G17, G17L, G34 Frames (including the different calibers)
S&W M&P Fullsize, Walther PPQ Gen 1 and M2, CZ P-10 

Weapons Customers are reporting success with-

Glock G30s



Currently know NOT to fit the following- 

Glock G21, G20, G30, G30sf, Sig 320 Full & Compact,

Customer Reviews

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Quite good, not quite perfect

This holster does 2 things well, compared with other light bearing appendix iwb holsters: not be too wide and not extend the muzzle area overly long (34 length). For gripes- I’m not a fan of the open top (sight area) design as reholstering while wearing is not as crisp or reassuring feel as I would like. Also more of a fan of the raven clips or others, I often see shooters with this type of clip have it partially unsecured from their belts.

Very Nice Carry Holster

This holster is awesome. Versatile, concealable, and comfortable. Highly recommended. Simple, yet ingenious design that allows the carry of multiple handguns with the weapon mounted light it's made for. Got mine mainly for G19, but M&P and G34 fit like a glove as well with the TLR1 HL mounted.

Awesome holster

This holster is great! Got this for my M&P 2.0 compact. Fits perfect and is very comfortable and conceals great

F'n love this holster

I love the LUX holster I ordered,was here before I knew it. As discussed with the great team in customer service, this holster because of my Streamlight will hold my M&P 40 and 9mm, my Sig Sauer P229,P226 and my Glock 19 Gen 3,4And know my Gen 5. I F'N love my LUX and I work in the HVAC industry, I've carried my Glock 19 through attic's and under homes on residential and 18 storie 20-30 ton AC unit and it's as comfortable as hell.
Great job, to Armodillo concelment ,I'm already looking at another for my modified pistols.....THE LUX ROCKS

Very nice holster, but now I want more.

Holster is as close to "multi gun" as they come. Works great with 3 of my glocks. Now with m&p core (which I really needed it for) it does ok, but not great. Not horrible by any means, but reholstering is an issue and needs to be done in a very certain, unnatural way. With that being said, retention is good on every gun I tried it with. Guns come out of the holster just fine. And holster can be adjusted to my liking even with an rmr on the slide. Overall 4.7 out of 5 I'd say. Now I need an OWB supressor holster. :). Hello, my name is Daniel, and I'm a holsterholic!



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