LUX Streamlight Surefire Weapon Light Concealment Holster Glock
LUX Streamlight Surefire Weapon Light Concealment Holster Glock
LUX Streamlight Surefire Weapon Light Concealment Holster Glock
LUX Streamlight Surefire Weapon Light Concealment Holster Glock


$ 69.99

The Lux (Latin for Light) is the cousin to our X-FER line. The Lux is a dedicated minimalist appendix IWB holster but still offers full coverage of the Weapon light and lower portion of the Slide. It utilizes the same patented design of the X-FER for locking onto the weapon light. The Lux offers a smooth draw along with the ability to re-holster. The Lux has an integrated wedge and belt ledge. The wedge aids with comfort and concealment. The belt ledge helps rotate the butt of the gun into your body for better concealment. 

Currently known to fit the following-
Glock G19, G17, G17L, G34 Frames (including the different calibers)
S&W M&P Fullsize, Walther PPQ Gen 1 and M2, CZ P-10 

Weapons Customers are reporting success with-

Glock G30s



Currently know NOT to fit the following- 

Glock G21, G20, G30, G30sf, Sig 320 Full & Compact, H&K USP or VP9

Customer Reviews

Based on 77 reviews
Above the Rest

I've been carrying a G19 with a TLR-1HL in a LUX for probably about a year and a half now. This holster out-performs everything I tried before it.

When I tell people what I carry off-duty most can't understand how I pull it off... since a lot of folks just go with sub or micro compacts. I live in South Florida and light shorts and t-shirts are pretty much standard year-round and I have no issues concealing in them with the LUX.

Retention is perfect and when paired with a quality belt the entire platform is incredibly stable. I find that the design makes re-holstering smooth and repeatable.

I always seemed to have issues with the magazine well and grip printing during AIWB carry, even in much smaller guns. I never liked those wing contraptions many manufacturers used. The built-in wedge not only accomplishes the same goal with less bulk but from my experience adds to the stability of the platform. I never imagined AIWB would be particularly comfortable but it is with the LUX.

Really great holster

This holster is awesome. I can easily conceal my P10F, which is not a small pistol. It’s great to be able to swap my light over to another gun and throw it in the holster. It’s pretty comfortable and conceals very well. The only two reasons it gets 4 stars is 1) no sweatguard. 2) the narrow clip that it ships with is not very good. I have no experience with the wide clip or the soft loops but I swapped the flimsy narrow clip with a Haley Strategic clip and it’s made a huge difference. Overall an excellent holster.

Nice holster

I have a ton of different holsters from several big names. I like that I can use this holster for my 17,19,19x,22 with the light. I ordered this holster with the single clip and ended up buying two soft belt loops. The clip didn’t want to stay out with my belt so the holster would come out with it. For a little more comfort, I added the foam wedge even though it has the molded wedge. This made it more comfortable and punched the grip farther into my body helping me conceal the full sized guns. There are highly quality and I would recommend them to anyone in the market for one.

Solid Holster

Great holster. Love the ability to use it for multiple different firearms. Good retention. Just wish it had shipped with two soft loops instead of the one. Still, does its job well.

Great holster, not for FN 509

I initially bought this holster for my Glock 21 with a TLR-1S. I changed carry guns to an FN 509 with a TLR1-HL. Unfortunately the combination is too "tall" for the holster; the distance from the light to the top of the slide is larger than opening in the LUX.

I've gotten a dedicated holster for the 509, and still use the LUX when I decide to rotate carry weapons. I am happy with the holster and will be able to use it with other weapons in the future. However if you have an FN 509 this would not be the right combination for you.



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