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Our Story

  In 2010 several firefighters were sitting around the Firehouse talking about our various firearms and the need for holsters.  Someone mentioned they were considering buying a newer style Kydex holster instead of a traditional holster made from leather or nylon.  I looked up some pictures and this seemed like it could be an interesting option.  Somehow the challenge was made for me to make one myself.  Of course when firemen challenge each other, there is no backing down.

  After ordering some sheets of Kydex, rivets, and hardware, I built a crude wood and foam press.  Now it was time to attempt to make a holster. To my surprise, the first holster actually worked great! It was pretty crude and looked terrible but it worked!  After showing the guys, and winning the challenge, it did not take long for them to hand over their pistols with requests for a custom Kydex holster.  I was making holsters for friends and family members improving my skills with each piece.  Soon those same firefighters joked that it was time for me to start a business making them.  One even suggested the name be ARMORdillo Concealment Holsters.  I laughed it off saying that it was just a hobby and didn’t give it another thought.  The following week I received a phone call asking if they had reached ARMORdillo Concealment because they needed a holster.  It was at this time I realized that my hobby really was turning into a business and it already had a name.

  Fast forward 6 years and Armordillo Concealment is a reality.  Today we use CAD/CAM design, vacuum forming, and CNC processing to manufacture both holsters and pistol molds.  Armordillo Concealment was granted a US Patent for our unique idea and revolutionary holster, the X-FER. The X-FER design is oriented to a weapon light, allowing the use of the same holster for multiple guns with an attached light.

Thank you for taking the time to read about how we came to be and thanks for your support.
I would like to give a special Thank You to Todd, Raul, Ross and LP. If not for these friends, Armordillo Concealment Inc. would not be what it is today!
Chief Eater of Kydex Dust
Armordillo Concealment, Inc.