The LUX Extended
The Lux Extended Muzzle

The LUX Extended

$ 69.99
The Lux (Latin for Light) is the cousin to our X-FER line. The Lux Extended is a dedicated minimalist appendix IWB holster but still offers full coverage of the Weapon light along with an extended muzzle area to protect from hot comps and threaded barrels. It utilizes the same patented design of the X-FER for locking onto the weapon light. The Lux offers a smooth draw along with the ability to re-holster. The Lux has an integrated wedge and belt ledge. The wedge aids with comfort and concealment. The belt ledge helps rotate the butt of the gun into your body for better concealment. 
***Note: The lefty versions will be delayed by 1-2 weeks.*** 


The comp may still still be exposed depending the on the firearm and weapon light you are running. Example would be an Agency 417 on a Glock G17 with TLR-1 is slightly exposed. 


Compatible Comps- (we will update as more customers report back)
Agency Arms 417
Roland Special 
TBRCi Micro and Stubby

Currently known to fit the following-
Glock G19, G17, G17L, G34 Frames (including the different calibers)
S&W M&P Fullsize, Walther PPQ Gen 1 and M2, CZ P-10 

Weapons Customers are reporting success with-

Glock G30s



Currently know NOT to fit the following- 

Glock G21, G20, G30, G30sf, Sig 320 Full & Compact,

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Best Holster Ever!

This holster with a comped G19 and x300 conceals better and is more comfortable than carrying just a G19 without a light or comp. I don’t know how it’s possible. Not quite enough wedge to conceal a 17-sized grip with just a t-shirt though, for that I might prefer something with a claw or wear something thicker that won’t show. Excellent holster overall!

Best IWB light-bearing holster!!

I could not be happier with the LUX Extended. I have been on the search for an IWB light-bearing holster for a very long time and this is the first product that comfortably and adequately conceals my EDC. I've been using the LUX Extended for about a month now and even under my work attire my comped EDC just disappears and is comfortable to wear all day, every day. I simply cannot recommend this product enough! Great work Armordillo Concealment.

Great holster for the money

Overall, very comfortable holster. It allows the user to achieve a solid grip on the weapon, and is very easy to reupholster. Probably one of the fastest draws I've ever had. The only gripe I would have is the spine along the bottom of the holster kind of digs into your leg. All in all, great purchase

The Quintessential Holster

I own a lot of holsters. You name it, I've probably tried it. The Lux is by far the best I've owned. Just get it......seriously.

Favorite holster to date

I always carry a light so thus holster is a no brainer it has carried numerous of different guns and have had quite a few people buy one for themselves after trying mine out. Holster stays locked in the same position all day for a consistent draw and protects me from heat on long range days. The extended works with all the comp guns I've ran from g19 to CZp10c with primary machine comp and on my daily carry g17 with Loki Tactical comp with very little sticking out the bottom with zero issues.



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