Free Domestic Shipping for orders over $100


Free Domestic Shipping for orders over $100


The patented X-FER is a weapon light specific holster, not handgun specific.  

LIGHT SPECIFIC: This means the X-FER locks on to the weapon light system (currently the X-300U-A and X-300) verse the trigger guard like the other holsters available now. 

MODULARITY: The X-FER V2 can be worn Outside the Waistband and Inside the Waistband. It comes standard with an IWB loop. Utilizing it's multiple mounting holes you can affix it to most mounting platforms. You can also adjust the cant and ride height.

SILENCER/SUPPRESSOR: The X-FER V2 allows for you to holster a firearm with a mounted Silencer/Suppressor. 

MINIMALISTIC: Our holster is minimal when in the IWB configuration but still offers concealment, stability and comfort. 

AMBIDEXTROUS: The X-FER V2 is capable of being worn on the right or left. South paws you no longer have to special order a holster.

TRANSFERABLE: Hence the “X-FER”. The X-FER V2 is able to be transferred from one gun to the next as long as the Surefire X-300U-A fits your firearm's manufactured rail (*AC Note* will not work with some firearms). You can X-FER from a Glock to a M&P to a XD to a 1911. It does not matter if you have a compact or full size pistol, as long you can mount the weapon light the X-FER will fit. If it has not sunk in yet….No more having to switch lights and/or holsters when you change your mind and want to carry your other firearm. No more buying multiple holsters for every firearm with the same light!


Currently does not fit: 

Surefire X-300U-B weapon lights. (Please see our original X-FER for this weapon light) 

CZ polymer semi-autos, FNH FX45, Sig P320, HK USP, Surefire HK Railadapter, GG&G HK Rail adapter

SilencerCo Osprey Suppressors (some have success when mounted to 1911's)

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Armadillo concealment where is my product?

Order a x-fer on feb 9. Product shows in stock. I called a and the gentleman I spoke with said everything will be made this weekend. It is now March 19th. Three weeks later and still no product shipping label nothing. Just $87.00 charged out of my account!

Exactly as expected which is good thing.

Still awaiting field use but so far fit, finish, and ability to make adjustments suggests the holster and mag carriers are of nice quality. It’s great to finally have the ability to carry several suppressed firearms which were not supported by any other holster. No issues either with large diameter SiCo Hybrid suppressor which I was initially concerned about. Would be nice if the belt attachment was designed to allow centering over a belt loop. This would better anchor the rig and prevent lateral movement.

Needs improvement

Great design but needs some improvements

No go for qls

I though I saw someone attach this to a qls fork, but I must've been wrong. Can't get this to work with the safariland qls fork, unless there is serious modification done.